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They Seldom Refer to Her as Doctor

I’m sure that you will say once again I’m being political but I’m not. I guess I’d have to define this as being radical and disruptive. I have warned the Body of Christ that if they persist with politics over God things would get much worse! Well, this is worse, but it is going to go further before it ends with the truth. Sad to say, so many Christians are so immersed in the status quo that they will believe that worse is good and going in a positive direction.

Right now the Body is all for crucifying Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for coming forward, using the length of time between the incident and the disclosure as a reason to place her on the cross! (I noticed that the judge is always referred to as the judge but she is never referred to as Dr.) After all, we should “Get our man in because God wants to save the babies!” Did it ever occur to any of you that He might want to save the babies, Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford, and the nation? Why not learn the facts in this matter by rising above it in the spirit and allow God’s justice to come? Pray His will, not your prejudice and earthy judgment, in reference to a Justice in case Judge Kavanaugh turns out to be the wrong choice or even guilty and the wrong choice!

America’s Senate and House of Representatives (and a large, cross-section of America including the Body) is so full of misogyny that it cannot address her by her title, yet the judge is addressed by his continually. She’s simply “mixed up”, or “off base” and this one is my favorite, “confused” or just plain lying about this great guy! Would you call the children, now grown and in their 30’s, ANY of those names when they came out 30 years or more later to accuse the ring of detestable Catholic priests who are guilty of molesting them? Absolutely not! Pity was sent their way, yet in this case too many in the Church judge this woman as absurdly wrong because she dares challenge their politics, plain and simple. It takes courage or insanity to do what she is doing. Let God be the judge of it!

In my lifetime I have been sexually harassed more times than I can remember, raped twice to my recollection, molested as a child for a year, and kidnapped and nearly raped a 3rd time. I have been groped and maligned, beaten to unconsciousness, and yet none of you knows my whole story! Why? — Because I was raised by an attorney and became privy to know that this sexist nation would place me on trial and not the accused! It’s a no-brainer: I chose not to tell!

Make no mistake about it, I am healed, delivered, and totally set free by an awesome man named King Jesus, my Christ! Everyone isn’t so fortunate. I have been used to impact many women’s and a few men’s lives with deliverance from this excruciating pain because of my own personal experiences with sexual abuse.

Jesus said to the accusers of the woman caught in adultery, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8: 7 B), NKJV. Everyone walked away. In this case, some members of the Body would say, “We’re justified by the blood and our rightness gives us the liberty to stone her.” How hypocritical! The Body needs to repent of her extreme insensitivity and lack of love for each other and the world. ( Psst…I’ll be conducting “plank removal” seminars soon for anyone needing that service. Any takers?)

Rend your hearts and not your garments and take up His cross and follow with love being the burden, and if you’re in one of these diabolical situations, speak out! Tell someone trustworthy and begin the healing process. I love you but His love is greater. Pressing charges may not be your deliverance but releasing your heart to the Lord always is. If you’re a perpetrator, God is forgiving but you must repent and take responsibility! Don’t hold that burden, cast it. Christ will set you free.

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