As Water Flows, So Does the Prophetic

The ocean is a beautiful depiction of God’s boundless love. Have you ever considered how many nations it had to pass by just to get to you? The constant flowing motion mirrors the flow of prophecy and spiritual concepts. I pray you allow the ministry tools found here to wash over you with knowledge from the author of life.


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Teachings & Prophecies

Pam Vinnett is one of the premiere pioneers of the prophetic/apostolic movement. She has been known to foresee and prophesy accurately regarding international affairs, current events, the economy and the lives of individual people. She is also a renowned creative writer, instructor and prolific speaker.



Pamela Vinnett is one of the premier pioneers of the prophetic/apostolic movement.

She has delivered the word of the Lord to seated presidents and kings, governors, senators, CEOs of corporations, and many of the most powerful Christian and secular leaders in the world, as well as individuals, churches, organizations, and nations.

In more than 40 years of worldwide ministry, she has conducted three successful virtual and land-based schools of ministry in the state of Oklahoma based on the prophetic and the apostolic.

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Training & Books

Do you want to learn more about the ministry of the prophet?

Pam has prepared products that include a three-part video series and a published book to help you understand the ministry of the prophet in modern times.

Pam also has a mini-eBook about a new approach to wage war against the enemy while conquering fear.


Kingdom Colliding with the Marketplace

Thank you for attending my session at the Orlando Conference for Apostle Joshua Giles. Here are my notes as promised. Let’s do Kingdom! Click Here To Download These Notes        

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The Mark of the Beast

Based on Revelation chapter 13 — This today seems like a big topic to cover but it is not nearly as ominous as you might presuppose. To begin with the Book of Revelation is as you might think: It is a book that reveals something important that the Father desires for us to know. There…

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What is God saying about our troubled world and nation?

What is God saying about our troubled world and nation?

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We forgot how to love each other, “Racism!”

We forgot how to love each other, “Racism!”

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“Why Should I Die? The Cry of the Kurdish People”

An article on the circumstance of war amidst senseless slaughter in Syria Shells were fired; women and children screaming and running in terror; the war has escalated once again on Syria’s border to Turkey, but this time to Turkey’s advantage. Feelings of anguish and betrayal are entrenched in the hearts and minds of the people…

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Prophetic Thrust

Prophetic Thrust

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